just be…

I’m back from sunny paradise (a.k.a. Nica)…

… back to this:

But alas, c’est la vie.

Nica is this incredible place where I can truly let my body, mind and soul rest. It’s the place where I can really connect with myself and those I’m fortunate enough to spend my holiday with. On this trip, someone said something offhandedly that really resonated:

“you can tell she just let’s herself be. she just is.


This culture of ours is so goal-focused, so driven, so speedily pursuing some future version of something that I think we often forget the art of just being.

How often do you let yourself just ride the subway or bus without checking your phone, reading or listening to music? How often do you just sit there and take in the ride?

How often do you have a conversation with someone when you’re truly listening to them, without thinking about what you’ll say next or what they might be thinking of you? How often are you just there?

I wrote about this awhile ago, but I feel like it needs to be said again (translation: I need to hear it again). But really, how often do you just let yourself be?

Once you move past the initial anxiety of not moving at 1,000 miles a minute, you might just find that there’s something so beautiful in the stillness. It’s actually quite joyous.

So much love,

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