eat food…

Today I read this BBC article on the World’s weirdest fad diets.  I have a feeling that in 100 years, they will write something similar about us…

We have made eating so bloody complicated. We’ve convoluted our biological instinct into an obscure game of science. We have turned food into the enemy, reduced it to bare nutrients (omega 3 this, gluten that, carbs this, protein that) and somewhere along the way, we forgot how to eat and how to enjoy it!

Trust me folks, after all of my research and experimenting, I can say with absolute certainty that this is the soundest “diet” advice to follow:

Michael Pollan is brilliant.  In Defense of Food is a MUST read.

food = real, whole, unprocessed food. Nothing “low fat” or “sugar free” (translation: chemical sh*t storm). Nothing with unpronounceable ingredients!

not too much = hara hachi bu, until you are 80% full OR until you’re no longer hungry (rather than until you’re full).

mostly plants = lots of mama nature’s beautiful fruits and veggies, and a sprinkling of other things on the side.

Eat with people you love. Savour each bite. Drink wine. Allow yourself to enjoy food, real food, and I promise it will heal you.

In the words of my brilliant husband, “carrot good, chips bad”.

Be kind to yourself.
Much love,

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