sicky sundays and sunny places

Alright, it’s been five days. Five days of this nasty cold. Five days of utter sloth-like-ness. I, for one, have had enough.

But on to more fun things, like this:


I had the pleasure of practicing with Nikki last year when I was in Nica and she 100% converted me to yin yoga. If I wasn’t going to be 8+ months prego, I’d so be there. Instead, how about you go?

If you do, please give Nikki a big hug for me!

Happy Sunday…




Today is my first of many Mondays off.

It’s been a quiet day, a day to be introspective and scrub my soul.

I’ve been reading Brene Brown’s Daring Greatly and, like any great book, it hit a nerve.

It forced me to temporarily push passed my vulnerability and my perfectionism and roll out my yoga mat for the first time in seven months.

So here I am… in sweats, au naturel, growing belly and all. Vulnerable but joyous.


“Because true belonging only happens when we present our authentic, imperfect selves to the world…” ~ Brene Brown



Here it is, folks. My new bible. Undiet.


I’m 10 pages in and I already feel like Ms. Telpner is writing about me – except the galavanting in Africa part, although that sure would be fun.

Inspired by Telpner, I wrote my very own healthy list.

  • Walk 10,000 steps. 
  • Do yoga.
  • Meditate – you know, like be quiet for a few minutes.
  • Eat four cups of super green vegetables.
  • Do absolutely nothing if that’s what I want to do. 
  • Bonus: drink a green juice. 

Now that’s one daily to-do list I can get behind (and will)!

It was a very soggy 10,000 steps today!


Happy April showers!


my body story…

By far the most prevalent story in my life is the one I’ve developed about my body. 

Since I was young enough to perceive how different I look, I’ve alternated between forcefully trying to change my shape and willfully trying to ignore it. This story has defined much of my life. 

It has also tainted many of my experiences – like my wedding. The only trepidations I felt that day were all about my body. After years of trying to be a wallflower, I suddenly felt exposed, on display. Every bride is supposed to be radiant and beautiful on her big day. I just felt like an imposter. I’ll never get that day back. 


I have good days and bad days, but it’s always there, this story, even on the yoga mat. 

After reading Waking (INCREDIBLE book), I tried something different today. I took my mat to the very back corner of the studio and grabbed two blocks, a strap and a bolster. I decided to replace my usual forceful “you can do better” approach with a slow maneuvering. I wanted to feel each and every bone, pay attention to each and every muscle, and think about my body differently. It was humbling.

At the end, I was left feeling grateful for this envelope that surrounds me. I was grateful for how my spine moves and my legs support me, how breath travels in and out, and how my body sustains me. These are privileges denied to many.


It’s small, seemingly insignificant moments like these that erase the old ink and help to write new stories.

Be kind to yourself. 



Tummy full of delicious dark chocolate banana treats.
Body full of post-yoga heat.
Heart full of joy.

Tonight, while I waited for my beautiful friend at an amazing new (well, new to me) yoga studio in Toronto – Breathe Yoga – I stumbled upon this:

Relish the ride, not just the accomplishments.

Matthew Sanford

The perfect reminder to read his book, Waking, which I bought, placed on a shelf and completely forgot about.

Happy Wednesday!