The left shoulder of every shirt I own is perpetually covered in puke.

My belly is a collage of stretch marks and my belly button, once a cute outie during pregnancy, is now a cavernous hole.

My thighs are sturdier and my hips wider.

I’m still wearing my maternity jeans.

But as I look in the mirror, I see my most beautiful self. My body is now evidence of my greatest accomplishment: my beautiful baby boy.


easter moments…

Today I went to buy flowers and ended up at the zoo. 

I hung out with my friend, Mr. Bison, and listened to kiddies squeal with “Feed the Llamas Day” excitement.

I paused to snap a few pics and overheard snippets of Easter conversations.

9968 steps later, I realized there are no ordinary moments. No two moments are the same, not if you open your eyes and open your heart.

Happy Easter. Much love.



Two things are about to happen in the next month or so:

  1. I’m going to be an aunt. My very best friend is almost 8 months pregnant with a baby girl.
  2. I’m going to Nicaragua to visit my brother-in-law with my hubby and some friends.

Here’s why these two things are related:

  • On one hand, I want to be such an amazing, positive influence in this soon-to-be kid’s life. I want to help grow her into a strong, confident woman. (I’ll have to rethink my strategy somewhat if she comes out a boy…)
  • On the other, this looming beach vacation has left me suddenly concerned about my “problem” areas. I’ve been worrying recently about not being “bikini” ready. 

Those two things just don’t jive and yet they are completely related.

The kicker is this: if we want to change the world, we must start with ourselves. If I want to be a role model for her, I have to lead by example. I have to practice what I preach.

And I preach this:

  • We are all beYOUtiful and unique.
  • We are objectified enough by the media, society, etc – let’s not do it to ourselves, and let’s not do it to each other.
  • Let’s celebrate our own beauty.
  • And admit to girl crushes (my most recent gc’s include: Gabby Bernstein, Marie Forleo, and Kris Carr).
  • … oh yes, and let’s define beauty holistically – like inside and out. 

So next time you’re heading towards negative self-talk or gossiping for that matter, picture a 10-year-old hanging on your every word/ thought. What would you want her to learn?

Much, much love.

the tough moments…

This week has been difficult. I’m going through something at work that really shouldn’t be that big of a deal, but for some reason, it has rocked me to my very core.

I can’t help but feel like something bigger is going on, like I’m in the midst of a bigger change, but I can’t see it yet. Right now, I’m in muck of it and my chest is tight.

But I’ve realized this in the past few months:

 life is beautiful because of it ebbs and flows. 

Everyone will always have ups and downs, and that’s just part of the process.

The less we fight it, the more we let ourselves just experience this moment as it is, the sooner we will figure out what it’s for.

I get that hearing how grateful you really should and how much worse it could be (a.k.a. perspective) isn’t always appreciated. Sometimes you don’t want to be told to snap out of it. Sometimes you just need to feel the rawness.

So feel it. Like really, truly feel it.

And, dear reader, whoever you might be, I hope you can find comfort in this:

  • This too shall pass.
  • Everyone you see feels the same way you do. You’re not alone.
  • One day you’ll look back and understand, but for now, just take care of yourself in whatever way you need to.

Love u.

This is my happy place. That’s me, the blondie next to the gorgeous bride. 🙂