turning 30…

Ryan is K.O.-ed in our bed next to me. It’s the only way he’ll nap in the afternoon and truthfully, I love these moments.

In a few weeks, I’m turning 30 – not exactly old, but a milestone nevertheless. Having just become a mom, and with this birthday looming, I think it’s safe to say I’m a grown up… although I don’t really feel like it yet (does anyone? ever?).

There are a few things I’d like to leave behind in this decade, a few things I’d like to take with me, and a few more that I’d like to breathe new life into. The first “lesson” is this:

“… for all of us, getting old is about letting go. Of regrets, of unachieved ambitions, of self-centeredness […] The letting go includes letting go of always wanting to be happy. The more I put happiness aside, the more easily I can settle with what is. The more I let go of being happy, the happier I am.”

A quote from Sue Moon’s article June’s edition of mindful.



cindy says…

Silly Maya uttered the following words yesterday, “I actually wish I was turning 30 this year. 29 is so boring.”

Yes, yes, I know… and I knew pretty much instantly that this was a ridiculous statement to make… but I made it and some part of me meant it.

And then today I re-watched Oprah’s Master Class (my new favourite show) with Cindy Crawford. 

The stunning Crawford gave me this: enjoy the present… not to wish the present away for the future, that’s going to come anyway.”

I’m never ever going to be 28.7 again and 29 might be my best year yet… or it could be my last year. Why would I ever want to fast-forward through even one potentially magical minute?!