The in-betweens are unsettling at first. Nothing to do, nowhere to go… eep! But if you can sit through the initial panic, and then through the momentary boredom, the magic creeps in. 

Dates with great friends at Good Neighbour today. Despite the hiccups with our order, ‘twas lovely indeed.

And Relish’s broiled grapefruit with maple syrup, ginger and mint…

AND new glasses. Pink! 

I’m a lucky girl.



A year old, after ending up in the hospital at my most unhealthy self, I vowed to throw out all of my food dogma. All of my tampering wasn’t working. It was time for a new paradigm: eat whatever I want, whenever I want because frankly, my body knew better than my head. I have spent a year relearning how to eat – croissants, coffee, wine, and chocolate, it was all allowed. My gut and health have never been better. 

Now I’m ready for phase two. It’s time to eat happy, play with great enjoyment, and savour each and every bite of life. It’s time to relish – my new favourite word.

And this is by far my new favourite book:

Without schedules or rules, but with a dash of this and another of that, I’m going to work my way through the recipes in this book… and I’m going to share the journey with you! 

I honestly cannot wait.