10 reasons…


10 reasons why it was definitely worth getting out of bed this morning:

  1. Sun is shining. The weather is sweet.
  2. Brisk morning walks to shake off the cobwebs. 
  3. Cobweb-shake-off walks to procure delicious croissants and almond mylk lattes from Hula Girl
  4. Cobwebs are from a night filled with friends, family, great food (Playa Cabana is a must!), and music (Lusine at CMW). 
  5. New friends who I adore and who teach me so much about life (thx Bubbs). 
  6. It’s one of my bestest friend’s 30th today. She’s awesome. She plays the trumpet and the piano and all sorts of other instruments.  I adore her. 
  7. Bonobo and Erykah Badu on one track… is this for real?!
  8. My blunnies have finally moulded perfectly to my feet.
  9. Croissants delivered to a happy family. 
  10. It’s Sunday. It’s quiet. There’s still so much day ahead!


Happy Sunday!


best croissant in TO!

I have an idea. I’ve had it for awhile.
This idea essentially combines the following:
  • my ridiculous love of croissants…
  • … and Saturday post-yoga coffee dates.
  • my goal to rediscover the pleasure in food…
  • … and to explore more of Toronto. 
So, without further ado, I am launching my new project: 
The Hunt for the Best Croissant in Toronto!
I’ll be exploring some of my usual stomping grounds (Lit Espresso Bar, Thor, Mercatto) and some new ones, like BlogTo’s list.
first edition: Thor’s Croissant
Today was my first, official, project-related croissant tasting and boy did I enjoy it! I met my lovely sister-in-law for yoga at 889 Thompson and after, we look our super-stretched and zen bods to Thor Espresso Bar for some almond mylk lattes, croissants (me), and power cookies (her) – side note: if you’re looking for a meal in cookie form, you must try some of the amazing cookies at Thor.
But back to the croissant…
Terrible, terrible picture of a truly delicious croissant.
flavour: good ol’ reliable butter (a.k.a. plain)
rating: 8/10
butteriness: major
flakiness: ideal 
pairing: almond mylk latte
Thor’s croissant was small but mighty. The inside was super duper buttery and the shell crispy and flaky. It was truly delicious. My only complaint: it was a wee bit too buttery. I had to wipe my fingers after each taste, and silence the judgy inner calorie-counting critic (I’ll deal with her soon). But it was good enough that I look forward to going back soon.

This project is going to be fun with a capital YUM!

Any recommendations for places I absolutely must try?

P.S. I am also going to use this as an opportunity to improve my iPhone photography skills. Apparently sunshine = shadows. No part of this croissant was black. It was beautiful. Silly Maya.