Maya C.. that’s me!
I’m a new mommy, still learning the ropes.
Once upon a time ago, I was a yogi. Maybe I’ll return to it one day.
I wear my heart on my sleeve, too much at times.

I like lattes with almond milk and croissants make me happy.
I still have no idea how to walk in high heels,
and when I’m nervous, I smile.

I have surfed in the ocean,
dived to it’s bottom (well, 60 feet down at least),
and climbed some killer volcanos.
But I’m happiest at home, in my pjs, with the babe and the hubz.

This is my blog, filled with stories about my life.
My little plot of land on the inter-web.
Some posts are happy, some are sad.
All are real.

I started this blog years ago hoping to “fix” myself,
to learn how to be happier and healthier.
Now I know there’s nothing to fix,
nothing to prove.

All there is is to enjoy, soak it all in,
and share.

Thank you so much for stopping by.
Please say hello. I like new friends.




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