cozy wednesday evening ponderings…

Hi there!

Delinquent blogger here! It seems there is a direct correlation between how busy I am and how many posts there are. We’ll have to remedy that!

The blistering winds and almost bare trees can only mean that time is passing and another month is almost up. With October drawing to a close, it’s time to check in.

This month’s focus on financials was, predictably, quite dull. I was thoroughly bored just three weeks in and passionlessly finished off the rest. But despite this month’s lackluster challenges, I will admit that they were a necessary step towards the happier, healthier me I am striving for. It’s not that I have more cash in my bank account on this eve before the long-awaited monthly pay day – I do – but the value of this month’s challenges was in the self-awareness they afforded me. I learned A LOT about myself by reducing my consumption and even just by tracking my daily pennies. Here I thought I spend copious amounts on junk I don’t need. I spend copious amounts, but on consumables instead – food, vitamins, massages, yoga, etc. With that realization, the guilt dispersed. These aren’t frivolous things to me; they are part of what makes me happy and healthy. They are the little things that keep me smiling. What other reason is there to have money than to enjoy life?

So, with October’s challenges almost completed, it seems I have reached the quarter mark of this narcissistic journey. What I have learned thus far?


  1. Exercise is quintessential. No one wants to hear it, but exercise is the fastest, easiest, most guaranteed way to lift your spirits and keep your ticker ticking.
  2. An uncluttered home is such a wonderful thing to come home to after a less than wonderful day.
  3. Finance books bore me immensely.
  4. Books and naps are worlds better than TV and aimlessly net surfing.
  5. Giving wakes you up to all sorts of magic.

With all that said, it’s absolutely true: I am so much happier and healthier than when this all started. Still a long way to go, but for now, I pause to enjoy the destinations along the way…

As always, thanks for stopping by…


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