november: SLOW

“There is more to life than increasing its speed.”

We live in a world where time is money. It is a world of fast transportation, fast food, multi-tasking and one-minute bedtime stories. The implied goal always seems to be to add more to our days, to do more and to do it faster. We have forgotten how to negotiate boredom in this technology-rich, media-saturated, multi-tasking world. This would all be fine if we were all happier and healthier because of it… but we’re not. “Time-sickness,” as coined so poignantly by Larry Dossey in 1982, is pervading the world; we feel as though “time is getting away, that there isn’t enough of it, and that you must pedal faster and faster to keep up” until you collapse in a heap of exhaustion. Even teenagers are complaining about and even dying from burn-out. Ours is certainly a world of fast people living faster and faster lives… but why?

In the last few weeks, my life has picked up such speed that I’m starting to get motion sickness. Every day and every weekend from here until Christmas (and sadly, beyond) is booked – completely, totally booked. Most of my commitments are wonderful ones – I’ve embarked on a very intensive yoga training certification, I’m planning a wedding, etc – but nevertheless, the speed at which I need to live my life is nauseating. I don’t remember what I’ve read, what I’ve ate, whom I’ve seen or what I’ve done… and sadly, it’s hard to remember the last time I spent some quality time with friends or family. It’s all just a little bit… okay, a lot… too darn fast!

And then I thought…

‘Do I really need to live my life at this speed? Is there another option that might be more suitable for my life?’ Perhaps there isn’t. Perhaps this is how I’m supposed to drive this vehicle until the next turn in the road. But as with all months before, the point is to take nothing for granted and to try everything to determine what makes me happiest and most healthy.

That said, in no particular order, here are this month’s slloooooowww resolutions:

  1. Reread In Praise of Slow by Carl Honore, slowly this time.
  2. Eat slowly and only sitting down at a table – a desk does not count!
  3. Take a lunch break four times per week.
  4. Wake up earlier but don’t go to work earlier.
  5. Media blackout part II.
  6. Meditate… every… single… day.
  7. Sunday Sabbath.
A long list, I know, but a much needed one. The goal of this month is not to become a sloth or even a tortoise, though I feel that might have its advantages; instead, I hope to find my tempo giusto – my right speed.

(Source: MetroMoms)

Thanks for stopping by! Happiest of Hallowe’ens!

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