it’s in the details…

Boy, oh boy. What an interesting two weeks it has been!

I spent a day in the hospital, and several days miserably getting ready – everything is fine, I assure you. But there’s nothing quite like lying in a hospital bed, in a rump-exposing hideous gown, connected to some ghastly IV to make you really think about life…. regardless of how routine the entire ordeal may be.

So that’s where I was this past week, really thinking about life. 

And here’s what I’ve realized: happiness doesn’t have to come from grandiose sweeping changes. Happiness is often in the details, in the small day-to-day things we often take for granted

If you let yourself look, you’ll often see it there. 🙂

So today I wrote a list of the small things that make me happy, the things I will do more of:
  • More yoga.
  • More dinner dates and wine parties.
  • More pretty clothes and painted nails.
  • More (much more) chocolate.
  • More guilt-free sleep-in days.
  • More reading and movie watching.
  • More tea and coffee dates.
  • More dresses and sparkly shoes.
  • More magazines and art.
  • More time with inspiring friends.
  • More yummy, delicious food. 
  • More fun!

What’s on your happy list?
As for Thrifty Thursday, today I painted my own toes (horribly) as opposed to getting a pedicure. I also put off getting those gorgeous spring shoes until… well… probably tomorrow. 🙂 But seriously, I watched No Impact Man yesterday. I’ll write about it next week…

Hope you’ve had a lovely week!
I missed you.

Happy tumbles and stumbles!

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