healthy on the cheap: Qi Herbs & Nutrition

Fact: It’s Thirfty Thursday.

Fact: I just discovered Anthropologie where I bought the cutest flapper-style dress…. but it was 50% off!
So sue me! 🙂
For serious though… I realize that maintaining a healthy lifestyle can add up. Eating organic and buying superfoods + vitamins + random healthy goodies certainly can! But it doesn’t have to be ridiculous.

Here’s one of my not-so-secret healthy secrets: Herbs & Nutrition (Qi Natural Foods) in the Annex.
From BlogTO

This place is a mecca of fresh, healthy deliciousness at very reasonable prices. Something is always on sale and even when it’s not, it’s easily 20% cheaper than anywhere else I’ve come across. The owners work directly with farmers and companies to keep costs down.

They have a massive selection of vitamins and superfoods, bulks grains and dried fruit, beauty products, etc… AND bonus: they recently added fresh organic produce and meats! 

I adore this super happy healthy market… and my wallet does too. 

Check out BlogTo for more info.

Where do you like to shop for healthy things?

Happy tumbles and stumbles,

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