advice epidemic…

I woke on Sunday compelled to box up all of my self-help books. All of a sudden, I had this super clear sense that they were doing more harm than good. Those seemingly helpful words were actually distracting me from listening to my own inner voice.

Then today, serendipitously, I watched this:

Minute 14:40 on REALLY hit home.

We are suffering from an epidemic of too much advice. The internet is chock-full of articles, videos and blogs (like mine, ha) with tips and tricks on life, love, fitness, happiness – everything! The self-help business is booming – Oprah has built herself an empire on it. Most of these resources come from people honestly trying to be helpful BUT the sheer volume can be absolutely overwhelming.

Here’s the thing: there’s no cookie-cutter solution. We are all unique and we all need to live our lives in our own ways. You’re never going to know if you’re on your right path until you get so quiet that you can hear yourself think (and feel!).

Two bookshelves, packed almost exclusively with self-help books!

Take it all with a grain of salt and set a goal to regularly tune out the world. Tune inward instead. That’s mine big goal for the next long while – all I’m allowing myself to read and watch is fiction. Period, of end story. 🙂

Happy Tuesday!

P.S. The ironies in this post aren’t lost on me… 🙂


Happy Tuesday! My body is humming from another sweaty hot yoga class – what a perfect treat in the winter!

A few days ago, in the midst of an email discussion about health and happiness, my brilliant husband wrote this:

the constant ability for humans to ignore the obvious solution staring them in the face never ceases to amaze!”

It’s true! We do tend to ignore the obvious and we certainly don’t want to hear it. Case in point:

Who wants to hear AGAIN that you should eat more vegetables, exercise and unplug?! It’s just so booooring. But, alas, it’s also true.

I get it. Trust me, I have looked in every nook and cranny for a magic solution but there isn’t one. Health takes commitment; it takes hard work. But eventually, when you start feeling truly awesome, this hard work becomes fun! And the beautiful upside of all of this is that it’s also simple – we can feel so much better just by taking small, itty bitty steps.

So, based on the Doc’s prescription, what kind act can you do for yourself? What work can you put in towards your health? As for me, I need to ditch my computer!

Be kind to yourself.

unplugging & unfacing

I did something drastic yesterday… something very un-Maya like.
I quit Facebook. Cold turkey.
Why would I do such a thing? 
For a few reasons really:
one: the cultural documenting epidemic…
I’m a little unease with what Facebook is doing to our culture. The more events I go to, the more people I visit, the more I realize that many of us are living our lives in order to document them. We are always snapping pics, searching for the next sound bite, and otherwise trying to validate what we are doing for an audience. All of this comes at the expense of truly experiencing our various moments. I’m trying to live more in the moment and less in the “hey world, look at what I’m doing and how many cool things I’ve done” mentality.  
two: the time-sucking…
For me personally, Facebook was becoming a profound waste of time. Sure, it’s nice to connect with certain people, especially those that are far away – I’ll miss that – but all in all, FB was serving very little purpose in my life. It was a total time-suck at best and an inauthentic connector at best. I want to make a point of really connecting with people – seeing them, calling them, even sending a personalized email. FB was almost too easy. 
three: better things to do…
Life has been really, really busy lately and I’ve been complaining about my lack of free time – time to go to yoga, pilates, for a run or a coffee date. I heard this amazing quote somewhere recently. It went a little something like this: “If you want more time, turn off the TV.” In my case, TV = aimless interneting. 
four: a challenge…

I wanted a challenge! 🙂 I wanted to see if I could go two months without FB and how that would change me/ my life/ my relationships, etc. I may go back in a few months, but for now, I want to give this a serious go.

After the initial withdrawal, I am feeling great. It’s nice to be a little mysterious and to wonder what folks are up to. I do worry that I’ll be forgotten… but it’s a risk I’m willing to take. 
View from our room in Deerhurst last weekend… perfect place to unplug.

Happy t&s,

divide and conquer

It’s Wednesday… I think.

I have spent the last two and a half days hiding in the woods.

This was my view at breakfast yesterday whilst I ate my massive salad and rested my sore legs after our treacherous uphill run (my friend totally kicked my rump!):

It was nice to unplug.

Aside from eating massive salads, running, and Golden Girls marathons (you read that correctly), I also did quite a bit of reading. One of the best tidbits I stumbled across was the idea of divide and conquer.

In her book Your Best Body Now, Tosca Reno writes:

I break down each seemingly unsurpassable challenge
into little, manageable pieces that I can wrap my mind – and my solutions! – around.
It’s so much easier to tackle a huge issue when you divide and conquer.

So simple, and yet so powerful.

For example,

  • If you need to lose 100 pounds, don’t get overwhelmed thinking about the entire 100lbs. Instead, think about the 3lbs you plan to lose this week.

  • If you need to quit smoking, concentrate on not smoking this hour, this day, or this week.
  • If you want to become more active, don’t worry about all of the gym time you need to put in this month. Instead, just take the stairs every chance you get today.

The power of this is twofold:

1. Small tasks are far more manageable.

2. If you fall off the wagon, it’s a lot easier to get back up again. Rather than feeling like you failed at the entire goal, you simply dust yourself off and attempt the next small step.

So, on this lovely spring Wednesday, think of a goal you’d really, really love to achieve. Now break it down into itty bitty pieces…. and tackle the first piece now.

Wake up with a plan for the day, and focus just on today…

I’ll share a few of mine soon. 🙂

Happy t&s,

sunday sabbath redo…

It will be Sunday when you read this (or possibly later) but, through the magic of delayed posts, I am writing this on Saturday.

Why? I’d like to redo last week’s somewhat failed Sunday Sabbath. It wasn’t a completely failure, but maybe a C… or a C minus.

I did manage to significantly curb my media intake… but when Sunday evening rolled around, I was in comfy pants watching movies on my laptop while checking Facebook, Twitter, blogs, etc. Alt tab, alt tab.

However, one of the things I stumbled upon in my alt-tabbing, is that there is an entire community dedicated to this Sunday media-Sabbath idea!

This is great! Tips! Communities! Yay!

So my strategy for tomorrow/ today/ the next technology Sabbath is simple: rather than concentrating so much on what I have to avoid, I’m going to focus on filling my day with fun non-tech things to do!

Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

  • go to a yoga class
  • how about a walk in the park or through your favourite neighbourhood?
  • or a date with a friend?
  • call your mom/ dad/ someone you should probably call more often
  • go to the gym
  • play an April Fools prank on someone
  • iron your clothes for the week (okay, i’m running out of ideas…)

You get the point. 🙂

Happy tumbling & stumbling!