When student season ends at U of T, tourist season begins. They come by the coachbus-full, all keen with their shiny cameras and perky smiles, snapping pics of the buildings I walk by every single day. To them it’s new, it’s exciting; to me, it’s same old, same old. Same buildings, different lens.

Seeing these tourists today got me thinking – how much am I taking for granted? How much am I not paying attention to?

Take this, for example:


It’s possible that I have walked by this thing at least once a week for the last… umm… 10 years. It’s also possible it’s brand new. Hard to say and that’s kind of scary. 

Nothing is ever the same from moment to moment. And I’d venture to say that there are no ordinary moments… we just have to pay attention…

But enough of that. Today I wandered over to Manic Coffee upon recommendation from a good friend. It blew my mind. We are spoiled in Toronto. The coffee is to die for.


And now back to my ‘oregano oil comfy pant Game of Thrones’ party… yes, I’m sick. Bah humbug.


P.S. But not really bah humbug… happy weekend! 🙂

toronto in coffee cups…

There’s been a development in my life that I’d like to share. It seems I have become a teeny-tiny bit obsessed with coffee.

I’ve always enjoyed coffee, but recently my appreciation has been amped up – I think about my morning cup the evening before! Respecting its power, I only ever drink one a day and I savour it slowly for hours (my colleagues think this is a tad weird – tee hee). 🙂  

So I’ve come up with a project: exploring Toronto in coffee cups!

So many cafes, so many coffees, so many steps! 

Here’s my first… Cherry Bomb on Roncies!


Cherry Bomb. Almond misto. $5 on the dot with a raspberry almond scone. Awesome. 

So, folks, where should I go?


P.S. Happy weekend!

walkity update…

Some 17 days ago, I started my 10,000 step challenge. And then I learned just how far that is…

But I didn’t quit! No siree!

I can proudly say that with the exception of two days – one due to bad shoes and one due to ice pellets – I have walked an average of 11,000 steps each and every day.

And honestly, it’s one of the best decisions I have made in a long time.

In my two weeks of walking, I have:

  • fallen back in love with my city
  • had some of the best cups of coffee at cafes I never knew existed
  • lost some winter insulation on my belly (note: this was not intended but better-fitting jeans are a nice perk)
  • had some lovely walking dates to get green juices
  • noticed how many people are glued to their phones – it’s a miracle there aren’t more accidents!
  • developed some gnarly blisters – lesson: wear proper shoes
  • realized the magic that is spring
  • learned how to ditch work crap before getting home
  • found two trucks and an octopus
  • visited the zoo
  • fallen madly in love with life

Walking is my exercise. It is my stress-relief and elixir. I cannot recommend it enough. 

And after Monday’s incredible tragedy, I have taken each and every step with immense gratitude.


saturday walks and french treats!

I just walked 11.27km around my neighbourhoods… 16,101 steps! 


On my boss’s recommendation, I wandered over to Patisserie 27 and ordered the tomato, basil, goat cheese viennoiserie.

O… M… G. I’m in trouble. Delicious trouble!

The only saving grace is that this place is a 4km walk – well worth every step for all of the fluffy, buttery goodness in my future!

Happy Saturday.


P.S. I’m on instagram now… @maya_jc