saturday walks and french treats!

I just walked 11.27km around my neighbourhoods… 16,101 steps! 


On my boss’s recommendation, I wandered over to Patisserie 27 and ordered the tomato, basil, goat cheese viennoiserie.

O… M… G. I’m in trouble. Delicious trouble!

The only saving grace is that this place is a 4km walk – well worth every step for all of the fluffy, buttery goodness in my future!

Happy Saturday.


P.S. I’m on instagram now… @maya_jc

oh uh…

Umm… Houston? We have a wee problem. 

It seems I did my math wrong. Or rather, I trusted the first site I found on the internet… big mistake.

You see, today I walked and walked… and walked. 

I walked around at lunch.

I walked to the dentist, and up and down Roncies before the dentist.

I walked to the store, and passed this thing:

I walked to get a tea and then I walked home.

Every few blocks, I’d check the pedometre and think, “uh oh, either this thing is broken or else I have just publicly committed to walking A LOT each and every single day.”

Turns out it’s the latter. 10,000 steps is not 3km. No siree! It’s actually closer to 5 miles or 8km. EIGHT! 

This challenge just got a whole lot more interesting… 🙂


walkity walk walk walk…

With my trip to Poland looming, I’ve been fretting about my fitness level these past few days. I’m a little concerned that my dziadek is going to put me through drills the way he used to when I was 10…

I love fitness, I do. I love yoga and spinning and swimming and all of that great stuff. I love it when I’m there… in class… halfway through. What I struggle with is actually getting out the door. Every night I have grand plans of going to yoga but by the end of my busy days, all I can think is HOMMMEEEE… NOOOWWWW. 

I vowed to be kind to myself this year and so trying to ram in another morning bootcamp or concoct some sort of typical Maya torture schedule just isn’t going to do. 

Today, it dawned on me… If my grandpa can walk 6km each and every single day, I can walk some too!

Now, the trick with effective goal setting is to make them challenging but realistic. Very few of us can go from being total couch potatoes to training for a marathon the very next day. For changes to stick, you need to lean into them. Baby steps.

So, without further ado, here is my goal for April.

Every day from today until April 30th, I will walk 10,000 steps. (Until I find my pedometre, that’s going to equate to 3km).

I can walk to work, or home, or around the block at lunch. It doesn’t matter. It’s about moving each and every single day. I started today and it was lovely, despite the completely impractical shoes. 

You have to start somewhere… want to join me? 🙂

Happy spring!


P.S. Here’s a great booklet for getting started with your own 10,000 step challenge. 

family secrets…

Happy Family Day!

Today’s lovely, sunny day off has started with…

… lemon water
… a glorious green juice (curly kale, cucumber, celery, parsley, and a pear)
… yoga with Kathryn Budig on
… 15 minutes of “time-out” (a.k.a. lying on my foam roller) (a.k.a. meditating)
… avo toast from Crazy Sexy Kitchen 

Avocado smooshed onto Ezekiel bread, topped with olive oil, sea salt and chili flakes.

…  and lots of mulling over my grandpa’s way of life.
Decades ago, my grandpa figured out the secrets to health, longevity and living life well, and has been applying them religiously ever since. He’ll be 84 in March and every time I hear about his recent escapades, they blow me away.

Despite the winter weather, he walks a minimum of 6km each and every single day. Then he rides his stationary bike for 30 minutes. Each and every single day. “It’s the most boring 30 minutes of my day, but I do it, and then it’s over”. Exactly.

His tips for health are simple:

  1. Never over eat, but eat everything in moderation. 
  2. Exercise, always. End of story.
  3. Be consistent with eating, sleeping, exercising, etc. 
  4. Throw in the towel on all of the above once in awhile. On occasion, have a extravagant dinner and dance the night away (two weeks ago, he was dancing until 4am!) 

The key, of course, is to practice 1-3 regularly so that you can thoroughly enjoy 4 and not pay for it with your health. You have to work at it and you have to commit… but he’s living proof that it’s worth it!

My grandpa, Witek, on his 80th birthday.

So on this Family Day 2013, I am channeling the energy of my grandma yet again. 🙂

Be kind to yourself!


Happy Tuesday! My body is humming from another sweaty hot yoga class – what a perfect treat in the winter!

A few days ago, in the midst of an email discussion about health and happiness, my brilliant husband wrote this:

the constant ability for humans to ignore the obvious solution staring them in the face never ceases to amaze!”

It’s true! We do tend to ignore the obvious and we certainly don’t want to hear it. Case in point:

Who wants to hear AGAIN that you should eat more vegetables, exercise and unplug?! It’s just so booooring. But, alas, it’s also true.

I get it. Trust me, I have looked in every nook and cranny for a magic solution but there isn’t one. Health takes commitment; it takes hard work. But eventually, when you start feeling truly awesome, this hard work becomes fun! And the beautiful upside of all of this is that it’s also simple – we can feel so much better just by taking small, itty bitty steps.

So, based on the Doc’s prescription, what kind act can you do for yourself? What work can you put in towards your health? As for me, I need to ditch my computer!

Be kind to yourself.


Here’s the thing about wagons: they are notoriously difficult to stay on. Especially when they look like this:

File:Baraboo circus wagon.jpg

No thank you!

Lord knows I’ve had a hard time staying on them. My usual strategy is to get on and speed so quickly that I go flying off. My wounded ego (and sometimes broken bones) then take awhile to heal before I get back on.

It’s not a good stragedy. So I’m trying something new: go slow/ be kind (I couldn’t decide which one to go with, so I’m going with both).

In my many years of yoga-ing and exercising and dieting and cleansing and otherwise being a happy, healthy yogi, I’ve come to learn this: the secret to success is to start slow, to incorporate your new goal into your life, because when you try to rework your life to meet your new goal, it often doesn’t stick (this is why the vast majority of New Year’s resolutions flop a couple of weeks later).

So when you’re planning your New Years resolutions, I would suggest this: write your resolutions, then write your plan for how to arrive there. Break it down. Be detailed. Think of your resolutions as where you want to be in 12 months, your end goal and not where you must be immediately.


  • I will go to the gym five times per week. Unless you’re already going four times every week, I suggest this modification: I will go the gym five times per week by December. In January, I will start with one day a week and I’ll find the time that works best for me (i.e. maybe you’re a morning gym rat). In February, I’ll go two times per week. Etc.

I say all of this to myself first and foremost because I need to hear read it.

I’ll post my 2013 goals soon to keep myself accountable. Yikes!

Hope you’re all having a Happy Happy Holly-day! And please indulge now. Live a little! That’s what the holidays are for. January is for dealing with the aftermath. 🙂

Much, much love.

healthy on the cheap: thrive in 30


Truth: I have a bit of a crush on Brendan Brazier. He’s a vegan Ironman, general health-atarian, and founder of the amazing Vega products.

He has also written many books like Thrive Diet,  Thrive Fitness, Whole Foods to Thrive, etc.

But here’s why I’m writing about him on this Thrifty Thursday: Thrive in 30!

For absolutely free, you can access free videos of Brendan covering content from his Thrive books, such as:

  • How to combat stress using whole, plant-based foods and
    high net-gain nutrition
  • The whole food truth about protein, fats and carbs—
    and how balancing your diet will help you build a younger body
  • How you can alkalize your body’s pH to combat disease,
    improve sleep and lose weight
  • What superfoods to use to balance hormones,
    detoxify body or lower cholesterol
  • How to identify common foods that cause unexplained, mystery illnesses
  • How to use nutrition to strategically fuel your body so you’ll have greater endurance, maximize the return from your workouts and recover faster
  • Why nutrition, exercise and sleep are the secret
    to empowered mental health
  • Long-term strategies that will help you transform your health for life

It’s pretty darn amazing, and it doesn’t cost a penny. Not one.

What are you favourite healthy on the cheap tricks?

Happy tumbling & stumbling!