burn out…

Last time I attended a pretty amazing Q&A with Brett Wilson.

I have also been devouring his book, Redefining Success: Still Making Mistakes.

Tonight, after some 15 days straight of work (yup, including weekends) and most of them overtime, I left work in a haze. I was so absolutely out of it that, thankfully, all I was able to think about is how ridiculously I have been living recently.

I have been heading FULL steam ahead towards burnout. Silly Maya.

It took me awhile to realize it this time because I’ve built my body up to a healthy, strong state and emotionally, I’ve been kicking it. But burnout is burnout and it gets everyone eventually if you don’t change your habits.

But back to Brett and how he handsomely fits into all of this (he is quite handsome!).

When I picked up his book, I was really expecting a guide on how to become super stellar at business. It’s not that, at least not really. It’s a guide on how to become super stellar at life from someone who had to make some mighty mistakes to figure it out.

I think everyone should read this book but for now, here’s one of the main takeaways: life is about so much more than work and your career.

  • Health must come before everything else because without it, there is nothing. 
  • Relationships must come directly after because without them, nothing really matters. 
  • After that, you decide, but somewhere near the top should be community engagement, giving back, or just generally, being a kickass person.

Without those elements, there is no true success. Without those elements, Maya is a crazy person.

So that’s it, I’ve stopped cold in my tracks before it got messy.  Now I’m redefining my non-negotiables, my priorities, my “be the most stellar Maya I can be” list. I encourage you to do the same.

I leave you with something my partner in crime said that really stuck,

What do you want to remember about your 20s [30s, 40s, etc] – that you worked late every night or that you worked a bit, saw your friends and family, had fun, felt great, etc?


Thanks universe!

happier at home…

Whenever I find myself in a bit of a life pickle, I always seem to end up in the one place I know I will find answers: the bookstore. Somewhere in those millions of words, I know someone will have written something I need to read. So I wander amidst the shelves gently touching covers, reading sleeves, and leafing through pages. Without over thinking it, I try to let the book find me. And somehow, usually, it does.
Today I took my somewhat weary heart to my favourite bookstore, the Runnymede Chapters. There’s something about that place that I just love. Perhaps it’s the fact that I can still fondly remember my very first date at what was then the Runnymede Theatre. He took me to see Titanic. I was 14. It was lovely. 
But back to today… I wandered around Chapters killing time, pondering, and then I saw it. 
“Happier at Home” by Gretchen Rubin.
The sequel to the book that started this blog! A few paragraphs in, I stumbled upon this:
“Why, I often wonder, is it difficult to push myself to do the things that bring happiness? So often, I know what resolutions would make me happier, but still I have to prod myself to do them.”
And there it is, exactly what I’ve been wondering for a very long time. I feel the blogging itch coming back! 
That’s it for now… I’ve got pages and pages to read!

healthy on the cheap: thrive in 30


Truth: I have a bit of a crush on Brendan Brazier. He’s a vegan Ironman, general health-atarian, and founder of the amazing Vega products.

He has also written many books like Thrive Diet,  Thrive Fitness, Whole Foods to Thrive, etc.

But here’s why I’m writing about him on this Thrifty Thursday: Thrive in 30!

For absolutely free, you can access free videos of Brendan covering content from his Thrive books, such as:

  • How to combat stress using whole, plant-based foods and
    high net-gain nutrition
  • The whole food truth about protein, fats and carbs—
    and how balancing your diet will help you build a younger body
  • How you can alkalize your body’s pH to combat disease,
    improve sleep and lose weight
  • What superfoods to use to balance hormones,
    detoxify body or lower cholesterol
  • How to identify common foods that cause unexplained, mystery illnesses
  • How to use nutrition to strategically fuel your body so you’ll have greater endurance, maximize the return from your workouts and recover faster
  • Why nutrition, exercise and sleep are the secret
    to empowered mental health
  • Long-term strategies that will help you transform your health for life

It’s pretty darn amazing, and it doesn’t cost a penny. Not one.

What are you favourite healthy on the cheap tricks?

Happy tumbling & stumbling!