:: eat food ::

Of this I am certain: something happens every time I stop fighting with the way things are […]

I don’t know what to call this turn of events or the freshness that follows it, but I know what it feels like: it feels like relief.

When it comes to diets, I’ve tried them all – seriously. For the last 20 years, I’ve been on an endless quest to “fix” things. I am so over it.

And, if I’m honest, any dietary tweaks would have been just another attempt to lose pounds I don’t need or want to lose. I am done fighting my body. It grew two beautiful boys and continues to sustain one – that’s good enough for me.

So I live by Michael Pollan’s seven simple words:

eat food. mostly plants. not too much. 

Tons and tons of veg.  A bit of meat and seafood. A good cappuccino and a piece of dark chocolate each day. Ice cream cones with my kid because it’s summer and we’re making memories. This, to me, is nourishment. 💕

:: Weekly(ish) Update:: The last few weeks were a bit challenging with sick kiddos, hubby’s business trip, etc. I briefly fell off the exercise wagon and quickly realized it is essential to my wellbeing. Essential. There is nothing quite like a hard workout to shake off the sleep deprivation and instantly lift your spirits. Woot! ☺️

Happy sunny Sunday…


P.S. The top quote is from Geneen Roth’s Women Food and GodSo good!!

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