Here it is, my annual 100-things-I-am-grateful-for-list.


  1. My husband. Enough said.
  2. The growing baby boy in my belly.
  3. My orange fluff ball of a crazy cat.
  4. My family near and far.
  5. My dad who gets a special shout-out for dropping everything whenever I need him.
  6. My friends near and far. So many wonderful, supportive souls.
  7. Core – whatever the new norm may be, you gals are my sisters for life.
  8. My little niece, Audie. How I love you, little one!
  9. My bestie, KS. Thank you for ALL of the support recently and always.
  10. This house, my cozy retreat.
  11. Our new wheels! How grown up it feels to have an automobile!
  12. Being able to afford whatever life things we might need.
  13. U of T – the very best place to work.
  14. My colleagues who have proven to be, above all, immensely supportive.
  15. My boss. He’s awesome and that’s rare.
  16. Canada and, in particular, the Canadian health care system. I have been truly blown away the last few months.
  17. My doctor, who I can email and call at any hour of the day. She’s always there.
  18. Nica and El Coco Loco. Can’t wait for the next visit!
  19. Waves of Hope and my amazing bro-in-law.
  20. Toronto.
  21. Roncies!
  22. Bloorwest.
  23. High Park.
  24. Junction.
  25. Living in the west end. 🙂
  26. Saturday morning croissants from Mabel’s or Hula Girl or Cherry Bomb or…
  27. Croissants in general.
  28. Vegetables, and my recent insatiable appetite for them.
  29. Juice…
  30. and my juicer.
  31. And my blender, of course – ninja! Junior isn’t happy unless he gets at least two smoothies a day.
  32. Hilly’s rice crispy squares.
  33. H&M maternity clothes.
  34. Pilates.
  35. Yoga.
  36. Thanksgiving! It’s the start of my favourite time of year.
  37. Just a few more months until Christmas… weeeee!
  38. Getting older. It really is true, the added years come with a sense of calm and self-assurance.
  39. Music on Saturday mornings.
  40. Music.
  41. CBC Radio 2 – my daily soundtrack. Tempo!
  42. ECB’s beautiful voice.
  43. Debussy.
  44. Friends who take pretty pictures. funnyyoushouldask
  45. Autumn, especially this one. 20c, sunny, leaves gently falling, beautiful colours all around. Yes please.
  46. People who offer up their seats on the TTC.
  47. Quiet moments.
  48. Good books.
  49. Oprah’s Next Chapter.
  50. Gladys
  51. Brunch dates.
  52. That Aunty Gratia will teach our little one how to play the piano.
  53. My hubby’s red flannel PJ pants… he’s none too pleased about me constantly borrowing them. Tee hee.
  54. Movies, although I need some good suggestions.
  55. Rookie Blue, my favourite of favourite shows.
  56. Vampire Diaries. I know, I know.
  57. Streetcars.
  58. My dinner club crew.
  59. Pure maple syrup candles… and maple syrup itself, of course!
  60. Punches and kicks from inside my belly.
  61. Long showers.
  62. Days when you don’t have to wash your hair.
  63. Dry shampoo!
  64. My blue eyes and strong thighs. My curvy spine and dirty-dishwater coloured hair. The fact that my body can grow a whole other person.
  65. Quotes like, “Always remember you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, smarter than you think and loved more than you know.” – Christopher Robbin
  66. Cozy fall sweaters… and that most of them still fit.
  67. Nature.
  68. Nurture.
  69. Hugs…
  70. … and kisses!
  71. Croissants. I like them a lot.
  72. My sensitivity and vulnerability. I can’t help but wear my heart on my sleeve and I’m done trying to change that.
  73. Annual trips to Algonquin with the growing family. Can’t wait for next year! 
  74. Finally knowing my blood type.
  75. My yoga ladies like Janey B and Darcy. I can’t wait to have my butt kicked by you again soon.
  76. Yoga lady dinners at Live and Magic Oven.
  77. Kris Carr and the like.
  78. Driving.
  79. Those every day moments when you suddenly find yourself completely overwhelmed by joy.
  80. The Chocolateria on Roncies. Trouble and then some.
  81. Green tea. Perhaps one day my taste buds will reunite with coffee.
  82. The fact that six years later, my little white MacBook is still going strong.
  83. Pinterest and Etsy. Facebook.
  84. My new iPhone has arrived!
  85. The super nice man at the Toronto Permit Parking Office.
  86. And the lovely ultrasound tech who showed me all five teeny-tiny toes.
  87. Fresh cut flowers, especially when they are delivered to me. 🙂
  88. Sleep.
  89. The snoogle!!
  90. Rain boots and U of T umbrellas.
  91. The Lunch Box and the ladies at the Lunch Box. They are like family.
  92. Weeks when my hubby isn’t travelling!
  93. The dishwasher. She joined the family back in December and boy, do we love her.
  94. Blogs.
  95. That soon, I will have Mondays off. Woot!
  96. Winnie the Pooh. I love you.
  97. Contact lenses. Seriously!
  98. Having so many things to be grateful for.
  99. That if we try hard enough, we can all find at least one thing to be grateful for, even if it’s the fact that we’re still breathing.
  100. Life.

Happy turkey weekend!


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