gen Y

Okay Gen Y, read this:  why generation y yuppies are unhappy

I’m a Gen Y yuppie and I must say, it’s pretty bang on. Most of the professional development conversations I have had with myself have sounded like this:


So many of us are unhappy not quite happy and it’s because we keep chasing the extraordinary. There’s nothing wrong with “following your bliss” – I have a soft spot for Joseph Campbell myself – but many of us think our bliss has to be something dramatic or complicated. It doesn’t, not at all.

One of my favourite scenes from Peaceful Warrior is when Millman asks Nick Nolte’s character why, if he’s so philosophical and enlightened, he works at a gas station. Nolte’s response: “This is a service station. We offer service. There’s no higher purpose.

Maybe you don’t need to find your bliss but instead, build it. Maybe the extraordinary isn’t something you have chase because maybe, just maybe, there are no ordinary moments.


P.S. It helps to work hard.

P.P.S. I still believe in unicorns.


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