toronto in coffee cups…

There’s been a development in my life that I’d like to share. It seems I have become a teeny-tiny bit obsessed with coffee.

I’ve always enjoyed coffee, but recently my appreciation has been amped up – I think about my morning cup the evening before! Respecting its power, I only ever drink one a day and I savour it slowly for hours (my colleagues think this is a tad weird – tee hee). 🙂  

So I’ve come up with a project: exploring Toronto in coffee cups!

So many cafes, so many coffees, so many steps! 

Here’s my first… Cherry Bomb on Roncies!


Cherry Bomb. Almond misto. $5 on the dot with a raspberry almond scone. Awesome. 

So, folks, where should I go?


P.S. Happy weekend!

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