The Monday evening commute always seems to be a dreary one. In the morning, everyone looks like they’re still buzzing off the weekend… or they’re asleep. On the way home, they look utterly miserable. One day in and four more to go, it’s dreary indeed.

I like to smile just to mess with people. 🙂

Quietly observing these somber faces, I couldn’t help but think about how many stories there were aboard my one subway car. 

We all have a story, or two, or three. Here’s a bit about my story.  

But how much of your story is just in your head? How much are you perpetuating by holding onto it? And, most importantly, who would you be without your story?

Monday has a story, but I’d like to give it a new one. Each and every Monday is wonderful because it is a day you’ll never have again. 


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