I had the most lovely lunch date today with a good friend.
We had the most lovely conversation about time.

It seems we both realized something profound recently. Mr. Einstein said it best…

I think this is especially fitting with March right around the corner. March is the month most people in Toronto really grumble about. We’re sick of winter, it’s not quite spring, it’s grey and damp. But it’s there – we can’t fast-forward through it. It’s there so that winter can calmly surrender to spring. It’s there so that we really, really enjoy what comes after (April… and May flowers… and patios!).


So as opposed to fast-forwarding through everything and trying to do everything at once, what can you surrender?  What can you save for another day?

My only suggestion – keep the truly important things because there may not be another day.

Kind… to yourself… please be. 

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