advice epidemic…

I woke on Sunday compelled to box up all of my self-help books. All of a sudden, I had this super clear sense that they were doing more harm than good. Those seemingly helpful words were actually distracting me from listening to my own inner voice.

Then today, serendipitously, I watched this:

Minute 14:40 on REALLY hit home.

We are suffering from an epidemic of too much advice. The internet is chock-full of articles, videos and blogs (like mine, ha) with tips and tricks on life, love, fitness, happiness – everything! The self-help business is booming – Oprah has built herself an empire on it. Most of these resources come from people honestly trying to be helpful BUT the sheer volume can be absolutely overwhelming.

Here’s the thing: there’s no cookie-cutter solution. We are all unique and we all need to live our lives in our own ways. You’re never going to know if you’re on your right path until you get so quiet that you can hear yourself think (and feel!).

Two bookshelves, packed almost exclusively with self-help books!

Take it all with a grain of salt and set a goal to regularly tune out the world. Tune inward instead. That’s mine big goal for the next long while – all I’m allowing myself to read and watch is fiction. Period, of end story. 🙂

Happy Tuesday!

P.S. The ironies in this post aren’t lost on me… 🙂

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