family secrets…

Happy Family Day!

Today’s lovely, sunny day off has started with…

… lemon water
… a glorious green juice (curly kale, cucumber, celery, parsley, and a pear)
… yoga with Kathryn Budig on
… 15 minutes of “time-out” (a.k.a. lying on my foam roller) (a.k.a. meditating)
… avo toast from Crazy Sexy Kitchen 

Avocado smooshed onto Ezekiel bread, topped with olive oil, sea salt and chili flakes.

…  and lots of mulling over my grandpa’s way of life.
Decades ago, my grandpa figured out the secrets to health, longevity and living life well, and has been applying them religiously ever since. He’ll be 84 in March and every time I hear about his recent escapades, they blow me away.

Despite the winter weather, he walks a minimum of 6km each and every single day. Then he rides his stationary bike for 30 minutes. Each and every single day. “It’s the most boring 30 minutes of my day, but I do it, and then it’s over”. Exactly.

His tips for health are simple:

  1. Never over eat, but eat everything in moderation. 
  2. Exercise, always. End of story.
  3. Be consistent with eating, sleeping, exercising, etc. 
  4. Throw in the towel on all of the above once in awhile. On occasion, have a extravagant dinner and dance the night away (two weeks ago, he was dancing until 4am!) 

The key, of course, is to practice 1-3 regularly so that you can thoroughly enjoy 4 and not pay for it with your health. You have to work at it and you have to commit… but he’s living proof that it’s worth it!

My grandpa, Witek, on his 80th birthday.

So on this Family Day 2013, I am channeling the energy of my grandma yet again. 🙂

Be kind to yourself!

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