Good morning!

I’m sitting in my pjs, just as I have been for the past several hours, enjoying my tea and the sunshine that’s pouring in. After these last few weeks of dreariness, it’s perfect.

I am learning how healing these moments of stillness are, even if they seem uncomfortable at first.

I hit the “best before” date on a number of life situations over the past few months and yet I find myself still there, still “stuck”, and very frustrated. I’ve been frantically searching for the fast-forward button.

It doesn’t exist.

And then this morning, I stumbled upon this article on the art of unfortunate events + living in the unknown by one of my favourites, Kathryn Budig.

In the same way that you don’t want to read the last page of the book before you begin, you have to trust that the story of our lives is taking us to the end of each chapter so it can begin an even more rich and exciting progressive one. There will be acts of our lives that are dreary and frustrating, but these pass onto the third act that introduces new characters, themes and opportunities. I’ve been wanting to skip this chapter when I forgot that I won’t understand the next one if I don’t pay attention to the one I’m currently in.Kathryn Budig

To that,  I will add this:

Happy dreaming! Happy marinating! 

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