I’m a big fan of love.

Like a really big fan.

Recently, my hubby asked how I can use the word “love” so loosely. “I don’t!” I immediately rebutted, “I mean it when I say it”. But he had a point – my love for him is vastly different from the love I feel for my amigas, or for the guy who made me the most amazing Americano today, or Janey B who kicked my butt all the way to New Polynesia during my morning workout. And it’s definitely different from the love I feel for my cat.

Then, during today’s daily joy of devouring the newest Chaletaine with my favourite highlighter in hand, I stumbled upon the perfect explanation – we simply don’t have enough words for love. One?! Really?!! Whose idea was that?!

On this one, I have to side with the ancient Greeks – they had at least three words!

  • philia for friendship and affectionate love
  • eros for erotic love
  • agape for true, deep love of a spouse or a child

Slightly different, but all the same. They’re love. Love, love, love!


I leave you with a quote from the article by Sam Bee in the same issue,

“Wouldn’t it be great if we never had to feel this way again: “I wish I had just told this person how I felt about them” or “I wish my last words to that person had been loving and kind”?… So when is the right time to tell someone you love and cherish them, or even just like them, and wish you could be friends, or you think they are fabulous? It’s right now. Do it!

So much love!

P.S. After the chocolate settles in my belly, I will try their ab exercises. šŸ™‚

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