project joy

Hap… hap… happy new year!! 2013, finally! 🙂

As promised, here are my resolutions. Actually, here is my one and only resolution:

Project Joy!!

Now, let me explain. It took me awhile to arrive at Project Joy. I had several typical-Maya, typeA resolution lists which I kept dwindling and dwindling until two nights ago, in a moment of joyous quiet, I realized what I need most in my life: joy.

I need to slow down and focus on the small things that make life beautiful – the joyous moments that we remember in the end.

In 2013, I want to be a student of joy. I want to seek it, create it, document it and share it.

For now, I’ll start by defining it:

: joy          
  • : a state of happiness or felicity (
  • : a source or cause of delight (merriam-webster)
  • : happiness, an emotion (wikipedia)
  • : all of the above. that calm feeling in your heart when things are just what they should be. contentment. glee. smiles you just can’t contain (maya says)

Stay tuned… I’m SOOOO excited!

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