passion muscle…

I’ve been feeling very introspective lately. Pages and pages of my journal have been filled with random musings.

And it helps that I was able to completely unplug for a whole week, soaking up sunshine, yoga and surf in Nica.  🙂

Me, learning to rip it!

Today’s musings have to do with passion.

A lot of my friends (myself included at times) are really struggling with this idea of passion – not only living it, but even just finding it.

It’s hard.

Many of us aren’t born with one clear, driving passion to be a doctor, musician, artist or poet.  Many of us have to figure out what our passions might be (I’m using the plural here intentionally).

We can get lost and quite frustrated by the hunt.

But here’s the thing – what if we have it all backwards? What if the point isn’t to find passion but to bring passion instead. What if passion is like a muscle that you have to exercise?

I bet a lot of it would feel like fakery BUT some of it wouldn’t, and through the exercise, you’d find the thing(s) that really make you tick.

Here are two of my favourite ladies discussing the subject:

Food for thought.
Much love,

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