giving thanks…

Here are 100 things I am grateful for this Thanksgiving 2012:

Core love.

  1. My husband, and his relentless patience and acceptance of all that is me.
  2. My family. New family, old family. Here family, there family. Love.  
  3. My friends!!
  4. Core. So many years, so many chapters. So many tears and giggles. So much love.  
  5. My house. Despite the recent plumbing, electrical and deck issues, this place I call home is pretty rad.
  6. That I never really had to struggle. Even when we were dirt poor, my parents hid is well (most of the time). Now I have the world. 
  7. The fact that most days I wake up healthy, as do the people I love.
  8. Croissants. I really have to eat more of them. 🙂
  9. My cat. She is kind of like her momma. 
  10. This time of year. September through January is my absolutely favourite.
  12. The little bundle of joy that is currently in my bestie’s tummy, who will come in December and give me the best present ever: being an aunty!
  13. My bestie. You know you have a special bond with someone when you can spend every single weekday and many weekends with someone for 10 years straight and still love them dearly. 
  14. Nature. 
  15. “Thanks nature!” 
  16. My polka dot pajama short-shorts. 
  17. The ocean.
  18. Yoga, and its ability to completely shift my mood and remind me just how much I have to be grateful for.
  19. The fact that I can go to yoga and move all of my limbs in all sorts of directions.
  20. That life can change on a dime, in a split second, or a moment.
  21. Cozy fall sweaters.
  22. Boots!
  23. All of the friends I have all over the world.
  24. All of the trips I get to take all over the world!
  25. Books! Even smutty books like 50 Shades… 😉
  26. Movies, I loooooooove movies, especially romantic ones.
  27. Vegetables. I really, truly love them…. even brussel sprouts!
  28. Yogaglo. Genuis.
  29. Autoshare. Genuis. 
  30. Lessons. 
  31. That there’s still so very much to learn.
  32. COFFEE!
  33. Mercatto, and getting to chat with Alice every morning as she makes my delicious Americano.
  34. “Go big or go home.” 
  35. Wine. Lots and lots of wine. 
  36. Bourbon. Who knew?! 
  37. That when I wake up after a night of drinking too much wine and bourbon, I feel compelled to apologize for loving my friends too much. It could be worse and I should just relax. 🙂
  38. Sparkly tops.
  39. Forever 21! So long as I can fit into their crappy clothes, I will wear their crappy clothes… especially the sparkly tops.
  40. The fact that I get mistaken for a teenager at least once a week. I’ve stopped fighting it.
  41. Hipstamatic. 
  42. Toronto. 20 years of living in this city and I still love it.
  43. Stumbling upon a Jill Scott album I hadn’t yet heard. Yippie. 
  44. Commas.
  45. RONCESVALLES!! BEST neighbourhood in the city, by far.
  46. De La Mer and the lovely owner who always “accidentally” undercharges me. It’s our thing. 
  47. Lit Espresso Bar.
  48. Lunch Box. 
  49. Quotes likes this, “Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.” W. James
  50. The Quote Monster, my sister-in-law. She doesn’t even know how amazing she is or how much I love her.
  51. The fact that I get to call uber ridiculously talented people like ECB, PD, and so many others my friends.
  52. Alright, fine. The new sound system, when the AirPort thing doesn’t cut out.  
  53. That I can drive and one day I will learn to drive standard. Who wants to teach me? 😉
  54. My job, and my cool new boss and awesome colleagues. I grumble often but it’s not lost on me just how lucky I am.
  55. The fact that I’m good at my job. 
  56. Music!
  57. Carole King. I am so digging Tapestry right now. 
  58. Oh, and uber sexy Lana.
  59. CBC Radio 2. Every single day at work for the last umpteen years.
  60. That we are all special. That’s right, I said. I’m Gen Y after all; we got medals just for showing up.
  61. El Coco Loco!! Family-owned paradise…
  62. … and awesome brothers-in-law that do amazing things like Waves of Hope. 
  63. Despite the fact that I’m an uber sensitive sap who can’t quite figure out her schedule (sorry!), I still have oodles of friends who love me dearly.  
  64. Words like oodles.
  65. Being weird. Whatever, it’s awesome. 🙂
  66. My food processor…
  67. … and my mom’s gazpacho which I make in my food processor.
  68. Pinterest. So many pretty things.
  69. California. 
  70. Yoga.
  71. This country. Seriously folks, we are really, truly and very lucky. 
  72. My other country, even though I neglect her so. Polska!
  73. Being a woman.
  74. Being a woman who lives in a country where I can work, vote, decide what I want to do with my body, and decide what I want to do with my life.   
  75. My blue eyes and strong thighs. My curvy spine and dirty-dishwater coloured hair. The fact that I can do the splits and stand on my head. 
  76. My tattoos.  
  77. Savasana adjustments with lavender-scented lotion. Bless you, wonderful teachers!
  78. Hugs…
  79. … oh, and kisses! 
  80. The plethora of amazing restaurants in Toronto. 
  81. Dinner Club. My boys. xo
  82. My yoga ladies. You inspire me so. 
  83. Streetcars.
  84. Lululemon pants. How do you manage to stay dry-looking (though not at all dry) after a 90-minute sweat-dripping-from-places-I-didn’t-know-could-sweat class?
  85. The TTC. Most days I complain about you but I still love how quickly I can make it to work (and home!)
  86. Getting over my fear of flying. Yay me!
  87. Makeup. 
  88. My iPhone. Es beuno.
  89. Guacamole.
  90. When my adoring husband gets home first on garbage day and puts the bins away. Bam.
  91. Chhhh chhh chhhocolate!
  92. Those “healthy” cheesy puffs you can get at Mercantile. Yum yum.
  93. Hil’s rice crispie treats… YUM YUM!
  94. The new Adele 007 track. Dear god.
  95. Ms. Badu.
  96. Sunshine. Seriously. 
  97. Having three Thanksgiving dinners to go to. Bring on the turkey. 
  98. Cozy pants.
  99. From last year: That if we try hard enough, we can all find at least one thing to be grateful for, even if it’s the fact that we’re still breathing.
  100. Thanksgiving.
Me, in Cali. Happy as a clam. 

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