beautiful messiness

August hit hard, so hard that it the reset button on my life. I turned 28 and a few things happened to remind me just how fleeting life really is. 

I’ve also started to really truly accept that life is supposed to be messy
My pops and I…

Somewhere along the way, many of learned/ decided/ started believing that:
  • life is supposed to be neat and tidy, and
  • if I only do x, or stop doing y, my life will finally be neat and orderly, and I’ll be happy.
Until a few days ago, I completely subscribed to all of the above. This whole blog has been based on these ideas – if I only do more yoga, eat less gluten, run more frequently, save more money, etc, I’ll find the missing puzzle piece and then I’ll be happy. All of this assumed that I wasn’t happy and couldn’t be happy all along.

I’ve recently realized that that kind of thinking more often than not leads to anxiety, burn out, and generally missing the beautiful messiness that is life.

Now, after all that August was, I’ve been mulling this over instead:

We think we’re supposed to figure out how life should be, and then make it that way… How did we come up with the notion that life is not okay just the way it is, or that it won’t be okay the way it will be? Who said that the way life naturally unfolds is not all right?
                        ~ the untethered soul


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