It’s rainy outside…

… and cold

… and it’s Tuesday, which means it’s too early to start talking about the weekend.

If you’re feeling a little glum, don’t fret. You’re certainly not alone.

Here’s 1thing that has really, really helped push me through my glum moments: it’s 1thing!
The global gratitude journal that helps you tell the happy story of your life, 1THING at a time.

Each day, the site will send you a prompt to think about and log the 1thing you are grateful for at that moment (or many things). What’s even better is that you can see everything you have been grateful for in the past (in case you need a little reminder), and you can see trends in your gratitude log (apparently I am often thankful for almond mylk lattes). AND you can see what others are thankful for… AND you can access gratitude tips… AND it’s free. 

One of my bestest friends got me hooked on this site a few weeks ago, and I have been diligently filling out at least 1thing each and every day. I have set the prompt to arrive in my inbox at 3pm. A little burst of gratitude is a far better mood lift for the mid-afternoon slump than any sugary treat ever was (or is). J’adore 1thing!

And here’s the thing, we always have at least
1thing to be grateful for, even if it’s just the fact that you are able to be online contemplating your 1thing…

Much love… 
… and happy tumbles and stumbles!

P.S. Images from today’s post are from 1thing. They even have daily illustrations…. pictures!!! 🙂

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