It’s just 24 hours…

So I’m cheating today. 
I am taking a few hours away from Sunday Sabbath to take care of some admin matters (like my taxes… zoinks!) which means I’m fully, 100% plugged into all technology… and I regret it already.

It seems this whole business of unplugging is very chic these days! 

Look, Leelee Sobieski is doing it!
From the May issue of O

This really stuck with me:
“When I had a daughter, Louisanna, two and a half years ago, I started recording every funny or sweet thing she said or did on my phone. But on one of our unplugged days, I realized I’d been so focused on capturing those moments that I hadn’t been feeling them. I’d missed opportunities to connect with my daughter because my face was always hidden behind my cell phone… I need to let this moment exist. I don’t have to capture everything. I just want to experience it.”

Less capturing, more experiencing. With that, I’m signing off.

Happy tumbling & stumbling!

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