juice, juice, juice…

Everyone, please meet Old Faithful.

Old Faithful, please meet everyone.

Old Faithful is the juicer that has been in my family for… hmmm… 15-20 years. Old Faithful almost retired a few weeks ago, but after come coaxing, he’s back in full gear.

I have a special place in my heart for Old Faithful, and our relationship has been rekindled recently as I have become a green monster!!

Folks, I am obsessed with green juices. I crave them, I dream about them, I love, love, love them. 

Seems crazy, yes? Probably… but my cells thrive on the quick jolt of pure happy, healthy enzymatic energy.
Some of my juices this week. 
Here’s why juicing is super duper important:
  • Almost instantly, juicing provides your body with a jolt of optimal fuel to nourish your cells and restore your immune system.
  • This powerful fuel is made of of loads of vitamins, enzymes, minerals, protein, and oxygen. 
  • Green juices balance your pH and make your skin glow.
  • Unlike eating veggies (also very important!), green juices are absorbed very quickly and easily by the body. Smoothies and full veggies takes more energy to digest.

For more details, check out the lovely and amazing Sammiches.

Here’s how to build a great green juice: remember the 3 to 1 rule (3 veggies to 1 fruit)
  • Start with a base: either a few stalks of celery or half a cucumber (please peel if it’s not organic)- counts as 1 veggie
  • Two large handfuls (or more) of greens: kale, spinach, swiss chard – counts as 2 veggies.
  • Add one fruit: an apple, a pear, half of a peeled grapefruit.
  • Feeling fancy: add some ginger, a squirt of lemon or lime, or some garlic.
  • Want a super duper detox: add some parsley or cilantro, a beet or two, some cabbage or fennel.

Oh yes! And make sure to drink your green juices on an empty stomach. Drinking during eating slows down digestion.

That’s all for this lovely spring Saturday!

Happy tumbling & stumbling!


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