Crazy Sexy Week

I disappeared again – sorry about that!

Here’s what happened in the last week, in rough chronological order:
  1. I had a physical and emotional breakdown over Easter.
  2. I got so frustrated with my dismal state that I decided to take my health and happiness into my own hands. 
  3. I started a mostly raw, very green cleanse (inspired by one of my role models, Kris Carr).
  4. I had a follow-up session with Joy McCarthy (read about my first session here).
1 + 2 + 3 + 4 = the perfect reset at the perfect time, and the start of a new direction.
What I have known intuitively for awhile, and what Joy confirmed today, is that I need to focus less on dietary restrictions and labels (raw foodist, vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, etc), and instead focus more on my emotional health, especially when it comes to food. 
So many of us desperately cling to diet after diet, food trend after food trend, and we do “all of the right things”, but we continue to suffer. What we often ignore is all of the other toxic aspects of our lives: jobs we might hate, bad relationships, maxed out schedules, etc. 
Here’s what I’ve realized recently: health and happiness are holistic. We each have a perfect blend of where we need to be mentally, physically and spiritually to be happy and healthy. But you can’t be happy or healthy if one of these elements is drastically off balance. You can take all of right supplements and eat all of the right superfoods, but if you’re not addressing the other elephants in the room, you’re not going to get very far.
I believe the key pillars to health are:
  1. Nutrition – are you eating foods that truly nourish your body and enrich your soul? how is your relationship with food?
  2. Exercise – are you moving your tush every day? are you pushing yourself too hard?
  3. Stress – what are you doing to curb stress in your life?
  4. Sleep – are you sleeping a solid 7-8 uninterrupted hours each night?
  5. Job – do you like what you do? are you stressed about your finances?
  6. Relationships – do each of your relationships support you? are there toxic relationships you can let go of?
While each needs to be addressed, it can be overwhelming to tackle everything at once! In the spirit of breaking things down into manageable pieces, start with the one pillar you know is the most off balance.  Personally, I’m going to attempt to tackle my guilt-ridden, misguided relationship with food.

So here’s what I propose (for me): I’m throwing out all rules, labels, and 30-day challenges that I’ve set for myself (because they didn’t come from healthy places). Instead, I will listen to my body, provide it with the nourishment it most desires, and I will try to enjoy every single morsel. Generally, I’m going to start being good to myself holistically…. oh yes, and I’ll share my journey with you!  
The road may be bumpy but I’m not afraid of a little hard work! 

What do you most need to do right now, what one step can you take to steer you towards your most perfectly happy and healthy self?

Happy tumbling & stumbling!

P.S. Phew! What a long post! Oops… 🙂

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