meatless mondays

Sigh. So Sunday Sabbath was a 50-50% success. I’ll explain later…

Right now it’s time for meatless mondays!

Fact: I used to be a vegetarian, and even briefly a vegan. For a whole host of reasons, I’m no longer either….

I have gone back and forth… and back and forth… for years, torn between all of the reasons why vegetarianism makes perfect sense:

  • animal cruelty
  • the environment
  • our health

and why eating meat makes sense:

  • my health in particular.. and the undeniable fact that i feel better when i eat meat

Then I saw this…

… and I realized it doesn’t have to be so black and white. I can adhere to my ideals without attaching labels. And I realized this is likely a far more approachable way for the average omnivore to enjoy the benefits of a more plant-based diet and do some good for this planet.

You can be a weekday warrior, or even just start with one day a week… like Meatless Mondays!

Today, I’m sharing my favourite super quick, super thrifty recipe: pesto pasta in a pinch!

To make (for two):

  • 2 large black or green kale leaves, washed and destemmed.
  • 2 handfuls of fresh arugula.
  • 2 garlic cloves.
  • 1/2 cup pumpkin seeds.
  • 2 gluggs of hemp seed oil or extra-virgin olive oil.
  • Healthy pinch of sea salt & freshly ground black pepper.

Toss everything into a food processor and blend, blend, blend. Cook a twoonie-sized amount of brown rice, quinoa or buckwheat soba noodles, strain and mix in pesto. Feeling sassy? Add some cherry tomatoes, sundried tomatoes, walnuts, or whatever you think will taste yummy! Serve with a drizzle of olive or walnut oil and a handful of fresh arugula.

It’s vegan, gluten free, inexpensive and super yum! Enjoy!

Happy tumbling and stumbling!

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