what’s a sunday sabbath?

Today is a my first Sunday Sabbath… which means you shouldn’t be hearing from me.

I’m cheating today just to explain the concept… that’s allowed, right? 🙂

Here’s why you won’t be hearing from me on Sundays:

I’ve realized that I am a media junkie. Between the computer, my iphone, Facebook and Twitter (not to mention the copious amounts of amazing blogs I read), I spend far too much time online… and also watch too much TV.

I know this isn’t good for my health. My noggin needs a restin’.

So Sundays will be dedicated to just that: a sabbath of sorts, a break from all media outlets (yikes!) and a day to enjoy a quieter, simpler life.

It’s magical what silence can do for the soul!

Happy tumbling & stumbling!

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