Yesterday I mentioned that time has come to embark on a happy, healthy be-the-best-Maya-I-can-be cleanse. I am happiest and healthiest when my mind, body and soul are nourished, and when I’m making decisions I can be proud of. I suspect this same formula works for most of us.

So here goes! 🙂

Starting tomorrow, the following 21 days will go a little something like this:

  • I will make mindful, joyous food decisions that make me happy… and I will keep a food journal.
  • I will continue Move-ember right into December.
  • At 8pm most evenings*, a media fast will commence. No TV, twitter, facebook, email, etc.
  • At 8pm most evenings**, a food fast will commence. My gut will get some much needed downtime.
  • At around noon every day, I will take an actual lunch break. Novel concept, really.

I bet you were expecting something completely different! 😉

The point is simply to take a breather from all of the things that prevent me from feeling my best. It’s a chance to resetright before the holiday madness!

What makes you feel your very best?


* Except, of course, for the occasional movie night with my hubby!

** To this there will be a few exceptions as I’m not prepared to pass on my various holiday dinner parties. This is my favourite time of year afterall! 🙂

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