A few weeks ago I set these lofty goals for myself.

And then the insanity that was October hit. I made it to 7 classes before promptly proceeding to fall completely off the wagon…

I missed more bootcamps then I attended (sorry Michael!)

I forgot who Jillian was and barely had my tush kicked by my lovely friend, JaneyB.

Then I came down with a bad case of the blues over my dismal state of affairs. Pathetic, really.

And THEN, finally, I said enough! (That was today) Enough acting like a grumpy tart. Enough whining and complaining. Time to get moving!

And thus… Move-ember!

Move-ember will go a little something like this:

I will attend every darn Jock Yoga bootcamp session if it kills me.

I will attend at least one JaneyB class per week.

There will be one fitness wild card per week.

If I do the math correctly (math isn’t my strong suit these days), all of that adds up to over 30 classes… so let’s make this a 30 in 30 (30 classes in 30 days) challenge for good measure (and necessary wiggle room!)

Want to join me? I dare you! πŸ™‚

Happy almost Friday!

P.S. If Move-ember doesn’t work out, I suppose I can always try Movember.

Who’s a pretty girl?! πŸ˜‰

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