joyously healthy….

If you know me personally, you probably think I’m one of the healthiest eaters you’ve come across.

If you know me even more personally, you also probably know that I struggle with my tum tum more than most people.

I’m a cleanser and supplementer – no gluten one month, no dairy the other, perhaps no sugar today, or all raw tomorrow. I take spirulina and put flax seeds in my smoothies. All of this fussing just to solve my seemingly endless stomach woes.

It took me some time to get over the entire, “woe is me, I sure got the raw end of the deal. Why can’t I just eat whatever I want and be fine like so many others?!” And then I realized this: food and nutrition are my passion and also part of my purpose. Whatever I learn on my journey to feeling my happiest, healthiest self, I want to share with others. It’s only fitting that I first have a test case: me!

I also quickly realized that my aimless and random guessing (based on hundreds of different books I’ve read, all with slightly different takes) was probably not the smartest approach. At least for me, it wasn’t a very effective approach.

So last night I went to see Joy McCarthy, of Joyous Health, and let me tell you folks, I am humming! Joy is an incredible nutritionist who, it became quickly apparent, shares my philosophy about food: real, whole food (without gimmicks or potions) is medicine.

I could go on for days about what I’m going to do and not do after my session with Joy, but instead… for now… I offer up this tidbit:

Listen to your gut, literally and figuratively. Books and blogs are immensely helpful, but nothing can replace what your unique body is telling you it needs. Listen to it, really listen, and connect yourself with those that help you listen even more clearly.

‘Nite, mxo

P.S. Okay, one more tip that’s fabulous for everyone: start the day with a glass of warm water with juice from half a lemon (no squirt bottle business). So cleansing and detoxifying! I have been doing this for years and I absolutely adore it.

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