I have broken a lot of promises to myself recently. They usually involve promising…

… to exercise.
… to go to yoga.
… to spin, swim, box, run, etc.

And somehow I tend not to keep these promises because…
… my schedule is just too stretched.
.. I’m tired.

… it can wait.

But here’s the thing about breaking promises, especially those you make to yourself: it feels terrible. Absolutely terrible. And I, for one, do not like feeling terrible.

I could just give up on trying… but I know better. I know that to be my happiest and healthiest, I absolutely must exercise. This is non-negotiable, and I’d venture to say it’s the same for you. How you feel is directly proportional to how frequently you move your tush!

I’ve also come to realize this: fitness aspirations mean little until they are transformed into goals.

what is a goal?
lululemon says it best:

A goal is a written statement with a deadline (or “by when”, as we call them here at lululemon). A goal inspires you to do the work. Your goals should excite and even scare you. A goal is not a ‘to do’ list or an idea, what your family/boyfriend/girlfriend/etc. wants for you, or what society states is for you. Goals are to create what does not already exist. Goals are based on a long-term plan that has no constraints. Anything is possible. Whatever you need to achieve your long-term goal (skills, funding, experience, etc.) you can gain with time.

why are goals important?

Quite simply, goals provide focus – they provide the “why”, and knowing why can help you endure almost any how. It’s knowing why and enduring the how that creates your future. (They are also point numero 97 on my personal manifesto).

So with all of that in mind, I’ve decided to set some realistic and yet challenging (and fun!) fitness goals. Yippie!

Here goes… (notice the quintessential deadline!):

That’s it, for now. Please hold me accountable. 🙂


“He who has a why can endure any how.” ~ Nietzche

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