“The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.”

When did we get to be too old to dream? Too practical? Too “selfless”? A lot of us grown ups have this impeccable way of settling and giving up what our hearts want most. And frankly, it’s phooey!

I’ve been walking around in this haze recently, trying to figure out why I’m not exactly as happy as I should be – my life is pretty awesome, all of the pieces fit on paper, yet something is off. I’ve been frustrated beyond belief that along with the haze, my health keeps puttering along, barely surviving despite the copious amounts of work and energy I put in.

And then today, someone I admire very much put it all into perspective: I’m limiting myself. I’m giving up on my dream and every cell in my body and soul is rebelling. Phooey!

And why?

Why do we give up our dreams whether they be to travel the world or save it or both? Whose limitations are we accepting and why?

Here’s the kicker, folks: the limitations are really just our own. If you’re willing to work hard enough, and if you really believe in the depths of your you-ness, you can accomplish just about anything (especially if you accept that sometimes the universe has a divine wisdom that may be a lot sharper than your own).

As to why you’re limiting yourself, that one you’ll have to answer on your own.

I missed you, dear readers! I hope all is well!

Ta ta for now…

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