Check-in time… SMOOTHIES!!

Happy sunny Monday, everyone!

So after a week of reviving, how am I doing?

On the challenges – 50%.

On feeling better – 90% (!!!!)

I’m not big on math, but if you ask me, that equation works out well!

Over the past week, I have:
  • Attempted (and failed) to give up sugar. When one of your best friends makes the most delicious rice crispy treats, it’s pretty impossible to say no.
  • Turned off the comp, TV, iphone, etc around 10:00pm, around 80% of the time.
  • Consumed an unprocessed, green and lovely diet 80% of the time. It’s amazing what a HUGE salad at lunch will do for your energy level. No more mid-afternoon slumps! Seriously!
  • Taken a few serious breathers – you know, time outs to breathe.
  • Restored via yoga.

But my favourite, favourite find of all: breakfast smoothies!! Day two’s challenge was to rethink breakfast – to trade in the greasy, sugary, carb-filled breakfasts that take all of your energy to digest, for something much lighter – SMOOTHIES! Packed with protein, greens, nutrients, and healthy fats, smoothies provide the most amazingly nutritious breakfast without weighing you down.

But a caveat: your smoothie must be rich and well balanced, otherwise you will be eating your arm by 11am.

Here’s my favourite recipe so far:
  • One banana.
  • Quarter to half of a ripe avocado. Weird, I know, but soooo yummy.
  • Cup of frozen fruit (sometimes berries, sometimes peaches and mangos).
  • Vega Whole Food Optimizer. Chocolate is yummy but be warned, all you will taste is chocolate. I have started using the unflavoured one so that I mix up the tastes every morning.
  • 1-2 tbsps of ground flax seeds/ chia seeds.
  • Half cup to one cup almond milk. Vegan, vegan, vegan!
  • Half cup of coconut water… mmmmm, electrolytes!

Then I blend, blend, blend, and shake, shake, shake. The goodness gets poured into my clear travel mug and I get to watch people jealously eye my deliciousness on the streetcar! They have boring coffee; I have pure goodness! 🙂

Honestly folks, I am hooked. I have one of these at 6:30 every morning and it lasts in my belly until lunch around 12:30 – 1:00pm. I have tons of energy and (major side perk!) my tummy feels (and looks!) significantly less bloated.

I’ll keep posting new smoothie recipes. If you have any favourites, please pass them along! 🙂


P.S. Thanks to Kirb for getting me hooked on this goodness:

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