june: REVIVE

When the alarm rings, Emily groans and hits the snooze button. Lying there dreading the second ring, she feels dead on her feet before she is even on them. As she eases out of bed, she is aware of her stiff back, sore hips, and tight neck and shoulders. She shuffles to the bathroom to brush her teeth and, looking in the mirror, notices that her puffy eyes don’t look as clear as they once did. Her hair and skin have become dull. She wonders if another cream or exercise regime might bring some life back into her.

So begins Frank Lipman’s book “

I picked up the book a few weeks ag
o based on copious glowing reviews. After reading the very first paragraph, I knew this book was for me.

Then I noticed the format: 42 daily chapters of tasks, challenges, thoughts, etc. Perfect blogging potential!

So… all of June – starting tomorrow because I’m a keener – will be one long book review. I’m going take Lipman up on his offer to “stop feeling spent and start living again”.

Stay tuned! 🙂

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