50 awesome things…

Inspired by 1000 Awesome Things and my beautiful friend, Chrissy… here is my list of 50 awesome things in my life (in no particular order):

  1. My honey – and the fact that I’m marrying the world’s most incredible man in a month!
  2. My crazy cat, Charlie, who provides us with hours and hours of entertainment.
  3. My friends – how incredible it is to be surrounded by so many beautiful and inspiring people.
  4. My family, and their unconditional love.
  5. Yoga, yoga, yoga.
  6. This beautiful house I get to live in.
  7. High Park, and the fact that it’s 30 seconds from my door.
  8. Rainy Saturday mornings spent sleeping in.
  9. Rainy Saturdays with nothing on the agenda!
  10. The plethora of incredible vegetarian and vegan foods out there.
  11. Brunch (and brunch dates!)
  12. The plethora of amazing restaurants in Toronto…
  13. … like Live.
  14. … and Woodlot.
  15. The fact that I can walk… and run… and jump… and laugh.
  16. My hair, and it’s predictability. It’s pretty much always the same, regardless of the weather.
  17. My Polish roots, and how they mean I don’t truly understand all cultural references.
  18. My education, and the fact that it’s only really beginning.
  19. Getting married in a month and seeing all of my favourite people in one place!!
  20. My job, and the life it affords me.
  21. Books! So many books!
  22. Quinoa.
  23. Janey B’s body tone class.
  24. Coffee… oh my goodness, coffee!
  25. How Matt plays guitar for me every morning before work.
  26. My health. My body is strong and healthy; this is magically.
  27. The fact that Charlie (my cat) waits until we are seated at the dining room table before eating her meal.
  28. Cake dry shampoo…. magic!
  29. Prosecco, and all the nights it has spent with my Core.
  30. Core.
  31. The plethora of blogs out there!
  32. The word ‘plethora’.
  33. Patio season and bicycles.
  34. CBC Radio 2 Tempo, perfect work music.
  35. My new Tom’s!
  36. Having friends and family who are doing inspirational things: Waves of Hope
  37. The fact that my grandma is going to teach me how to make perogies (and other tasties) from scratch this summer.
  38. The fact that my grandma will be here this summer.
  39. The fact that my grandma is still here.
  40. The amazingness that is this city, and how fortunate we are to live here.
  41. David’s Tea.
  42. $5 lychee martinis with old friends, new friends, and beautiful friends.
  43. Twitter, and the fact that I just discovered what it’s all about.
  44. The gym, and exercise in general. I love it.
  45. The picture of grandpa and I on my nightstand. I miss you, dziadzu.
  46. Clean sheet day.
  47. Blue Jays games on sunny days.
  48. Autoshare!
  49. Coconut ice cream bars.
  50. My life, in it’s entirety.

Happy Saturday!

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