focus my aim…

Holy moly, how did it get to be February 13th?! It’s already my half birthday! Wow!

The skies may be grey, but the snow is melting quickly in Toronto. After a long cold spell, it’s a balmy 3c … amazing!

I’ve had quite the week! I took a few days off from yoga and focused on the various to-dos that were weighing very heavily on me. My practice got better and important things got done… and I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. I graduate in two weeks and get married in 98 days. Amazing.

But it wasn’t all peachy.

Some days were hard.

On one especially hard day, I realized something overwhelmingly important. I have been in such a bizzy tizzy with no particular aim. It has been busyness for the sake of busyness, and though some of it has been amazingly amazing, busyness without aim always inevitably leads to exhaustion.

And I’m a type-A personality, so for me not to have goals, is extremely… well… out of character.

So I took some time, read some things, and redefined my own personal mission statement, my ikigai, my reason for getting up in the morning.

Here goes…

My mission: service. To dedicate my life to helping others become happy, healthy and whole.
My goal: ordination. Not in the religious sense, but in this sense:

“The beauty of the symbolic meaning of Ordination is that it honors the truth the each person is capable of making deeply significant contributions to the lives of others, not just through their profession, but more important, through the quality of person they become. The sacrament of Ordination symbolically seeks to recognize the contributions of our spirits to others’ lives far more than the contribution of our tasks.” Caroline Myss

I have some ideas of how I want to accomplish this, but for once, I’m going to leave it open to the universe. It seems when I relinquish control over every little detail, magic happens.

For now, service is my aim. Ordination is the reason I get up in the morning. This is what my days will be for.

Happy Sunday… winter is almost over!!!

P.S. Watch this:

It’s amazing.

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