focus my schedule…

Let’s recap yesterday, shall we? It was after all, my day off.

7:00 – Rise and shine, sunshine!

7:34 – Sunshine (that’s me) finally drags herself out of bed after far too many snoooozes.

8:30 – Out the door, to the doctor we go.

9:30 – Pause at Birds & Beans in Mimico for a soy latte and delicious muffin. Brekkie!

10:00 – Doctor.

10:30 – Blood lab. Bah!

10:45 – Board 501 streetcar, heading west.

11:30ish – Get envelopes for wedding invites at the Paper Place. This takes far longer and costs far more than I expected! Who knew there was so much to an envelop!

12:15ish – Wander over to Urban Herbivore at College and Dovercourt for lunch, only to discover that they don’t have any bread yet. Sadness. The lovely gentleman gave me a granola bar and cashew nut latte on the house for my troubles. That’s just what I needed – more caffeine on an empty stomach! Oh well. Lunch gets skipped.

12:30ish – Wander over to get hubby-to-be a birthday present. Shhh….

1:15ish – Then over to Tula for the amazing 2pm 75min hot power flow. All binds, all twists, all amazing.

4:00ish – Off to Saving Gigi for a sandwich and tea. Yoga homework time.

5:30ish – Back to Tula. Assisting the 6pm hot hatha.

7:30 – Quick shower.

8:00 – Teacher training at Tula. Two oranges for dinner.

10:30 – Home. Wedding errands.

11:15 – Collapse in one exhausted heap.

Picture that day, now add 8 hours of work into the mix, and you get my usual week day. Long, busy, absolutely maxed out.

After about six or seven weeks of this routine, I found myself absolutely exhausted to the core…

…pulling out my hair
…wondering why I didn’t hire a wedding planner
…stressing about the disaster that is my house
…and my empty fridge

… AND most annoyingly, I didn’t feel very productive either. My to-do list was growing, and growing, and growing despite all of my endless running around. I felt (and probably looked) very much like a ping pong ball bouncing back and forth between all of my various activities and not really getting much done at all.

Not exactly an ideal situation.

So, keeping in theme with this month’s FOCUS topic, I have set out to refine my schedule as much as possible. I have major obligations which cannot be abandoned right now (work, yoga course, wedding planning) – we all have them – but I suspect that even amidst all of these commitments, there is a lot of wiggle room. Maybe I’m wrong.

So here goes. I propose this:

For the next month, I’ll attempt to…

… do only what I absolutely need to. Translation: I do not need to take 10 yoga classes per week; the requirement is three. I do not need to work late every day; the requirement is 7.25 hours. I do not need to plan a brunch date for every single weekend; lazy, sleepy mornings are glorious things. AND I do not need to plan social gatherings for all of my off time; my friends won’t forget me that quickly (right?!!)

… say no to the rest. I’m petrified.

… schedule some downtime. Remember that whole thing I once wrote about Sunday sabbath awhile ago? I was really onto something with that… if only I had listened to my own advice! I really feel as though I’ve taken two steps forward and one step back recently.

… do not arrive anywhere more than 10 minutes early. If you know one thing about me, you probably know that I’m compulsively early for everything…. and recently, it’s gotten much worse!! I show up 30 minutes early for everything and then sit there, waiting, wasting valuable time away. I need to refocus the transitions.

This is going to be a struggle… but most amazing changes tend to be. I may need your help with this one!

Hope everyone has survived the “storm”.

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