january… exhaustion

Ladies and gentlemen, I have reached my almost-breaking point. In my attempt to fill January with lots and lots of nourishing activities – yoga classes, spinning, pilates, spa trips (okay, that didn’t happen), cleanses, etc – I thoroughly exhausted myself. This morning, as I attempted to stay awake in the shower, I started to cry because I wanted just one more hour of sleep.

Today, I felt and looked very much like this (give or take 20 years):


Let’s recap how I got myself to this point.

Here’s what I set out to do in January:

… to nourish my body:
  • a 21-day cleanse We all know how that ended. πŸ˜‰
  • 30 classes in 30 days With 6 days left and 10 classes left on the agenda, I can safely check that off as completed.
  • spa day Wishful thinking. Very wishful thinking.

… to nourish my mind:
  • meditate I’m getting better, but I’m not quite there yet. It’s a struggle.
  • read nourishing things Crazy Sexy Diet by Kris Carr. Amazing. Check!

… to nourish my soul:
  • watch good movies Here’s a little Maya-tidbit: I LOVE movies, especially sappy romantic movies. I love movies that make me cry, and most movies make me cry. Even when I can’t find enough time to sleep, I will find enough time to watch a movie. It’s my stress relief. I just wish there were more movies to watch. Any suggestions?
  • be my own epicure Oops, completely forgot this one was on the list! I certainly wasn’t being my on epicure during my cleanse!

So, in a sense, this month of nourishment was a success. I managed to keep myself in such a tizzy that my January just whizzed by! Not once did I complain about (or even really notice) the weather. To be honest, I didn’t really notice anything whizzing by. I blinked and it’s almost February. During the tough Canadian winters, this is a good thing.

And it was fun! I saw friends and family, I stretched and strengthened, cleansed and gorged. So much better than hibernation. Staying active and social is so much better for the soul!

BUT, in true Maya fashion, I lost my sense of balance. I packed my schedule so tightly, and omitted some of the most nourishing things (healthy eating habits, sleep, meditation), that I finally reached my breaking point. Exhaustion.

The lesson of balance seems to be one I have to keep relearning… or perhaps it’s that I haven’t learned it at all yet. Oh well, all we can do is dust ourselves off and keep on trying. If you smell a challenge coming on, you might just be right. πŸ˜‰

Happy almost February!

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