cleanse – an after thought…

Hello all!

So it’s been four days since my decision to end my cleanse, and I feel great. It was absolutely the right decision. I spent the weekend with friends and family enjoying dinners, wines and gluten. I am healthier, significantly happier, and much more at ease.

BUT just because I called it quits on the cleanse does not mean it was all a wash. Those twelve days were incredibly valuable in switching my gears back towards healthier, more balanced (and green!) eating. They helped remind me to pay more attention to what my body needs to function properly. And there are some “cleansing” gems that I have continued to keep up (i.e. starting the day with warm water with lemon and cayenne is blissful!)

If I had to sum up my cleanse in five lessons, they would be:

one: Green juices are amazing.

They shouldn’t be treated as meal replacements, as least not in this weather or if you’re super active, but they should be consumed as often as possible. That amount of amazing alkaline nutrients is never a bad thing.

two: Dry brushing is amazing.
Goodbye dry flaky winter skin. Goodbye cellulite. Hello invigorating and super fun scrub, scrub, scrub!

three: Fruits and especially vegetables are your friends.

Your body will be very happy if every meal is coloured by these lovely friends. It will be less happy if each of your meals is beige.

four: Coffee is too delicious and nourishing in this weather to give up.

Blurry but delicious soy latte! Sorry cleanse.

five: Always, always, always listen to your body – not your cravings, not your rational mind or demanding ego, but your body. It will always tell you want it needs to feel most nourished. One caveat, if you think your body needs twinkies and ho hos (what’s a ho ho?), you’re not listening very well.

Oh yes, and relax. Life is supposed to be fun! 🙂

Thank you so much for taking part in my cleansing adventure…

P.S. Apparently this is a ho ho:
Who knew?! (Not me)

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