cleanse – day ten… inspiration


Brekkie: grapefruit + blueberries.


Lunch: kitchen sink salad with lemon tahini dressing +
butternut squash soup with avocado and kale chips


Snack 1: yummy granola bar

Snack 2: coconut water with banana


Dinner: brown rice pasta, side salad, roasted eggplant

Before I end (I am deliriously tired), just one final thought from Oni (from Kris Carr’s Crazy Sexy Cancer doc… awesome!)

every body has something
that they have to…

you have to either accept or fight your whole life long.

now what do you want to do?

do you want to fight against what’s really happening

or sink into it somehow?

because there might be something in there…

We all have a finite number of heartbeats. How do you want to spend yours?


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