cleanse – day nine… uff


Today was not a good day… but it was a valuable day.

It was one of those days when you can feel the universe more than hinting. It’s clearly just slapping you in the face, demanding that you wake up and make some better decisions. One of the things I know the universe is trying to tell me is to take better care of myself, to nourish myself.

And here’s the thing about this cleanse, I don’t think it’s very nourishing right now. I’m eating far too much processed food, however “healthy” it may be, and not enough healthy, cleansing, balanced food.

Case in point:

Breakfast: organic instant oatmeal with almond butter and chia seeds. Anything “instant” isn’t exactly healthy.

Snack: attempted chai latte with almond milk as a cheat… but I took one sip, slipped and spilled the rest on the ground. Thanks universe! Message received.

Lunch: fennel, lentil and something else soup from Live, quinoa and steamed veggie bowl from home. Not so bad.

Snack: “cheesy” kale chips from Live. Why not just kale?

Dinner: the piece de resistance… one orange and a bunch of sea vegetable rice crackers. Who only knows what’s actually in those! 😦

Post-training: bowl of rice puffs with almond milk.

Too much food, too much processed food, not enough leaves, not enough alkalinity… something has to change.

I am just about half way through my cleanse and it’s time for a serious reset…. stay tuned. This cleansing business isn’t easy!!


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